The Minnesota Air Spectacular has provided many with an exciting two days watching spins and turns, but organizers aren't the only one happy with the weekend.

Thousands of people packed into the Mankato Airport for the 2015 Minnesota Air Spectacular, revving to see all of the planes.

Spectator Justin Cory says, "They're just cool, and they go nyerm."

The two days feature performances from the U.S. Army Golden Knights Parachute Team, the Jelly Belly Airshow and the much anticipated U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds.

For organizers, one of the best parts of this weekend was the weather.

Minnesota Air Spectacular Air Show Director Mark Knoff says, "Overall, I think the weekend was a great success. We had great weather, we had great acts, we had good crowds both days."

As the 2015 Minnesota Air Spectacular clears the runway, the weekend proved a success, with few problems for organizers, medical staff and most of all, spectators.

Spectator Amanda Martin says, "The planes are amazing. Watching the service personnel has been fantastic. Food's great, great weather, it is a beautiful time."

The medical team experienced the most traffic on Saturday, with a few cases of heat exhaustion, but overall they were ready for the weekend.

Medical Operations Director Eric Weller says, "We have really been prepared. We transported a couple people to the hospital but we were prepared."

From the air show to traffic, the organizers credit the team and volunteers for making the event go speeding across the sky.

Knoff says, "Nothing ever goes perfect or as planned but the team we had put together did a really good job. They were able, any issue that came up, solve that issue."

And spectators are not likely to forget what happened over Mankato.