A 15–year–old boy from Emmet County, Iowa is gaining momentum in the polls as he runs for president under the name 'Deez Nuts'

And Deez Nuts believe he's a better option than Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, or Jeb Bush. 

He’s a 15-year-old farm boy from Wallingford, Iowa. A town with a population of only 197.

His mother, Teresa Olson, says she's still trying to take it all in.

Although he can’t even vote for himself, or drive a car, according to the latest poll from Public Policy Polling, he’s a viable candidate for President of the United States under a name his brother helped him get: Deez Nuts.

“It’s effective marketing I guess. And it seems to have worked.” Nuts believes.

Despite many of the rumors, his legal name is not Deez Nuts. His actual name is Brady Olson, but under his official paperwork for president, he is 'Deez Nuts'; a strategy, he says, people are taking note of.

“The fact that I’m the youngest and I guess the issues that I think that would help on the issues would probably have more of an effect...”

The numbers support his beliefs as well. Currently in the presidential race he's polling at 9 percent in North Carolina, 8 percent in Minnesota and seven percent in Iowa when put up against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

His father, Mark Olson says, “I couldn’t believe it. I know he talked about trying to run for president. I thought, 15-years-old, it’s a joke, end of story..." 
But then, thanks in large part to social media, Mark watched his son's presidential campaign take off.

Deez Nuts is already on the ballot in a few states as an independent, and he’s trying for more.

“It’ll be fun to see where it goes.” says Brady

And yes, Brady knows you have to be 35 to be sworn in as president, but that hasn’t stopped him from running.

Deez Nuts has a campaign website, Facebook, and Twitter account, all of which have a growing following.

Mark says, “A lot of voters are fed up with the system, regardless of who’s in the race.”

Brady is about to start his sophomore year of high school and although a real campaign might not take place, his family says there’s a lesson to be had for anyone daring to dream big.

Teresa says, “He feels that because he’s 15 people don’t listen to him and just gaining this national attention that’s kids nowadays do have a voice and want to be heard.”

Something other candidates might want to take note of.

-KEYC News 12