In the land of tropical summers and brutal winters is a whole new bumper crop surging toward a powerful yield year–round.

Communication Manager for the School Sisters of Notre Dame Mike Lagerquist said, "Minnesota is being discovered as a great spot to have solar power right now because even though we have a lot of cold days in Minnesota, something like today is going to generate as much energy per hour as it would during the summer."

Mapleton is the latest city to see the light. It's looking to add one 30 acre solar farm in town, one spanning 22 acres outside city limits, both powering a combined over 7 megawatts, and a surge of opportunities for residents.

Mayor of Mapleton John Hollerich said, "Our residents, including the city, could sign up with Xcel Energy to receive a 10 percent credit every month on their energy bills and that would apply to residents in town, businesses in town, as well as the school and our city itself."

And for other communities that have solar farms in place, they say it's already creating cleaner energy for current and future generations.

Lagerquist said, "It fits in with the mission of the school sisters who make it a part of their daily lives to make sure that they treat the world in which we live as well as we can so that we can return it to the next generation in as good or better shape than we got it."

A successful 2800 panels and four and a half acres on Mankato's Good Counsel Hill, offering an electrified hope for Mapleton and many other communities who plan to go green.

--KEYC News 12.