As we launch into a new year, KEYC News 12 wants to make 2016 the year of YOU. Along with Mankato Clinic, we are launching the Thrive: Eat, Move, Sleep campaign. Based on the book by Tom Rath, this community-wide wellness campaign will strive to show you how making small choices can lead to big changes. The goal is to help each individual reach their own healthy lifestyle goal.

Each week KEYC News 12 will bring you educational pieces on a variety of topics to lead you on this wellness journey. We’ll speak with experts in the fields of eating, moving, and sleeping from Mankato Clinic and throughout our community.

You can find those stories and more information here at Go there to download your personalized plan, keep track of you are doing, and find information and resources.

KEYC News 12 and Mankato Clinic present, Thrive: Eat, Move, Sleep