Heading west...A young filmmaker in Windom is about to premiere his third feature length film.

The talented 18 year old Ethan Clerc is preparing to release his third film, and Windom is showing support through funding and participation.

Filmmaker Ethan Clerc says, "It was all community supported, community acted, local support from everybody so that was really fun to do that. We started raising money for the movie on Kickstarer, we raised $5,600, and then I pretty much got right into filming. I pretty much tried to get as much coverage of Windom as we could in the movie. After that we took it to editing and I've been editing for the post five months now. And so now it's finally ready."

Clerc is a one man band between filming directing writing and other behind the scenes skills, but his dad did help with one important detail.

Clerc says, "This film came from an idea my dad came up with. He just gave me the basic idea, I took it and wrote a 70 page script with it and then we made the movie."

Even though Clerc has high expectations when he directs, the cast is excited about seeing the final product.

Actor Kyle Antes says, "Ethan, he is something else to be honest with you. He has his days just like any of us, but he's a good guy and he just wants things to be done in a high level which is expected of a director so I'm excited to see how many people come and the community support. It's going to be a fun time."

With the premiere approaching Clerc is experiencing a mix of emotions.

Clerc says, "I'm nervous. I'm hoping people enjoy the movie. I spent so much time working on it. I just kind of get nervous that people aren't going to like it, or what people are going to think about me, and I just hope everyone really enjoys it as much as I do."

The premiere is in Windom on January 16th at the BARC; the auditorium seats 650 people.

--KEYC News 12