Day two of firefighter training at South Central College taught firefighters how to properly extinguish ethanol fires.

Firefighters could learn about 50 different topics over the weekend. The courses are designed to keep firefighters up–to–date in technology and techniques.

Firefighters also endured search and rescue simulations at the college on Sunday.

Firefighters say practicing and learning about these situations ahead of time creates a safer environment for everyone.

"To be prepared and do things safely so when we go out," Bobby Scheidt, fire rescue consultant, said.

Ethanol fires generally occur on the side of interstates, highways, gas stations or other places.

"In the public, you've gotta remember that all of our rail cars, most of the ethanol is shipped by rail across the Midwest. The Midwest is the largest producer of ethanol," Jim Zwaschka, ethanol fire instructor, said.

Ethanol fires differ from other fires because they're not always visible with the naked eye.

Firefighters use technology that allows them to see the heat of objects so they know when a fire is extinguished.

--KEYC News 12