March is National Sleep Month so KEYC News 12 has used that time to educate you on the importance of sleep to your health and just what it means to get a quality night’s sleep. Now we introduce some tips for healthy sleep hygiene.

Dr. Nidal Alkurdy a neurologist with Mankato Clinic says testing at a sleep clinic and an apparatus to help you sleep may be necessary. 

But he says not everyone is ready for an apparatus to help them sleep and there are some steps to try at home first.

Dr. Alkurdy says, “Our body has its own biological clock and it's very important to help maintain this natural rhythm. Have a regular bedtime and wake up time. When you don’t sleep one night, try not to sleep in to make up for lost sleep.”

He also suggests keeping your room dark and cool. Regular exercise aids sleep, just don’t do it too close to bedtime. Also avoid caffeine and even alcohol before bed and try relaxation techniques to clear your head before you lay it on the pillow.