Many people are trying to eat healthier, whether it's more fruits and veggie or organically made foods.

In New Prague, a new store is providing those options to customers and a slightly different shopping experience.

As people check out at the grocery store, a focus has become shopping healthy, organic and local.

A mission Farmhouse Market is working to achieve as it stock the shelves with a lot locally sourced food.

Farmhouse Market owner Kendra Rasmusson said, "We just really want to give back to those community farms and source as much as we can close to home."

Husband and wife Paul and Kendra Rasmusson opened the store last fall to provide New Prague with the fresh food markets they saw living in the Twin Cities but also to help their daughter.

Rasmusson said, "The need for us became very obvious when our daughter who was then two was diagnosed with epilepsy. There's a known diet that can be used to treat seizures."

But when planning to open the store, there was one aspect they decided to go without, most of the time.

The store is staffed and open to the pubic nine hours a week, but open 24–seven to shoppers with memberships to get the merchandise they want, even when no staff is at the store.

Rasmusson said, "We actually borrowed a business model from Snap Fitness down the road and thought if people can be trusted to use a key card, let themselves in and work out on their own, why can't we necessarily trust people to shop one their own."

Security cameras allow the Rasmussons to check in on the store any time, while members fill their shopping bags and check out all by themselves.

A convenience members are happy to have.

Farmhouse Market Member Jason Fife said, "So far it's proved to be really nice to be able to shop whenever we want and it's nice that they can trust the customers."

And since opening last October.

Rasmusson said, "We've had no trouble. We've been really happy with the way our members are handling this kind of new idea, and the self–checkout has been a really simple thing too."

The goal was to have 200 members by the end of the first year the store is open.

It currently has over 230.

A new membership at the store is $99.

To learn more about the Farmhouse Market, visit:

--KEYC News 12