Last year, Habitat for Humanity in Southern Minnesota built 8 homes throughout the region for families in need. Made possible by donations…and also by many, many hands volunteering. In tonight’s Good People feature, KEYC New 12’s Lisa Cownie introduces us to one man who went from woodworking hobbyist…to changing lives.

Jim Armbruster turned in his pharmacy jacket just more than fours ago for a tool belt.

 Jim Armbruster says, “I took a couple of months off to get into retirement mode, but realized I needed structure. I was driving by Restore and stopped and talked to Kelly, the volunteer coordinator at the time, and she said, ‘when can you start’! That was on a Thursday, I started the next Tuesday. That was in 2011 and I”ve been doing it ever since."

Jim's next project is building a house in Eagle Lake. But he knows by volunteering for Habitat he’s doing more than building homes, he’s building community.

Jim has lost track of how many homes he’s worked on over the years-between a dozen and 15 or so-the lives he’s changed though, countless.

Jim says, “Most important, it’s really beneficial to other people when we see a habitat home handed over, and presented to a new homeowner. They often get tears in their eyes. That’s rewarding.”

Jim Armbruster, one of KEYC’s Good People.