Two years ago, a group of dedicated volunteers took on a statewide initiative known as Act on Alzheimers. The group strives to help communities identify ways to become more dementia friendly. 

Penny Banwart is one of those volunteers. She visits businesses hoping to convince them to put employees through training to become more dementia friendly in the workplace…

Penny says, “We want them to learn how to interact with people who suffer from dementia, we want to keep them in the community as long as possible.”

For Penny, this volunteer mission is personal.

 Penny says,  “It was  a very difficult journey at the end of my mom’s life, she suffered through dementia four or five years. It was difficult but had we been better educated, known more about the disease, it would have been easier.”

That is the driving force behind the local Act on Alzheimers’ group and their efforts to support caregivers with education and resources to help their loved ones thrive as long as possible.

Penny Banwart, and all of the volunteers for Act on Alzheimers, are KEYC’s Good People.