Do you feel like you need to mix up your fitness routine? If you are stuck in a rut, try something new. People of all ages and abilities are moving this summer, by signing up for tri or duathlons.

 Dr. Darla Wrage says, “Never feel intimidated. Any abilities and any age can participate. And they are shorter distances so they are doable for kids even.”

Dr. Wrage, a pediatrician with Mankato Clinic, says she started participating in triathlons and duathlons, which is a combination of running and biking, several years ago as a way to stay motivated.

 Dr. Wrage says, “It's great to do because it changes things up, like with exercise you are not always running day after day, which is mentally boring. That’s why I like triathlons. You can do different things and keep it interesting.”

For people uncomfortable in the water, duathlons are a good option. They are growing in popularity in our region. The Lake Crystal Area Recreation Center held one of the first duathlons in southern Minnesota five years ago. 

Jessica Wallaker is the health and fitness manager at the Lake Crystal Area Recreation Center, which is a nonprofit, will hold a duathlon on June 18 as a fundraiser.

 Wallaker says, “It is a 3.1 run, 13 mile bike ride, and two mile run perfect for beginners even."

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