Whether for work or for play, screen time can be quietly hurting our vision.

Dr. Penny Swanson, with Mankato Clinic, says, “We see a lot of people with dry eye issues related to that and people may not even realize it! Lots of times it just affects the quality of vision. You might notice your vision comes and goes or if you read for a short time your eyes get tired and fatigued. It can all be related to dry eye issue.”

Dr. Swanson says one reason for that is that often times we don’t blink as much when looking at a screen.

 Dr. Swanson says, “It’s a good idea to remember to take breaks and to look away, look into the distance. Do a full blink when opening and closing your eyes.”

She says the right nutrition is also important for eye health, particularly good are foods with Omega 3 fatty acids, and fish oils. All help combat dry eye.