Over 30 local companies and family groups gathered at a unique charity event sponsored by United Way. 

The Human Foosball fundraiser kicked off on Saturday; members of KEYC News 12 gave the life size game a try, as well as 30 other teams.

Event Participant Celeste Voss said, "We just won our first game so there's a lot of energy going for us as we continue to play for the rest of the day."

This is the second year for the event and its seen growth as most of Front Street was blocked off.

"It actually turned into a block party; families are here with their children to do some fun activities, and other people are coming to watch and be spectators, so it's a lot of fun," said Greater Mankato Area United Way CEO Barb Kaus.

The event raises around $20,000 that goes towards agencies the Greater Mankato Area United Way supports. It not their biggest fundraiser of the year but it serves other purposes.

"It's one that brings all different people together to learn about what United What does in supporting our region to keep it strong," said Kaus.

United Way and the agencies they support aren't the only ones benefiting from the event.

Voss said, "We have employees that are in the office, and out in the field. It's a great opportunity for all of us to get involved together, and be one team."

United Way had more than 30 volunteers lending a helping hand to those only using their feet during the foosball tournaments. The real life foosball event took more than three months to plan.

"We have a committee who works really, really hard on getting it together; every piece has to fall in place to make this successful, and it is," said Kaus.

Human Foosball raised money as well the corners of most people's mouth; whether watching or playing it seemed to ring a smile. 

-KEYC News 12