Kids attending Pollinator Day Camp came ready to learn and had an exciting first day.

"We've had a lot of fun today. We've learned about pollinators and how they suck pollen out of flowers," Camp Goer, Spencer Drill, said.

The kids started of their first day of camp talking about butterflies.

"Specifically the monarchs because right now we're getting really close to their migration season," Program Coordinator, Michelle Isaacson, said.

Kids attending had the chance to look closely at the details of a butterfly that they caught by themselves.

"It's kind of a treasure hunt when you finally see a caterpillar or butterfly and you're actually able to catch it. It's really exciting," Isaacson said. 

The camp is a way to inform and bring awareness to the kids for how important these creatures are.

Honey and Native Bees are next on their agenda.

"Even though we might not see them every day they have a huge impact on us," Isaacson said.

Tomorrow the kids will finish out camp talking about bats.

"Some people's favorite foods are thanks to bats. It just so happens that that is the animal that pollinates the flower of the cocoa tree," Isaacson said. 

They also pollinate the Agave plant, which makes tequila.

"Pretty much any plant that opens at night is going to be a bat pollinated one," Isaacson said.

The kids have been enjoying their first day at the Ney Nature Center.

"They've been really excited. The energy level is so high today, which really kind of pumps you up. It makes you kind of excited as well to do it," Isaacson said.

The Nature Center also offers other activities throughout the summer.

--KEYC News 12