Two other South Central Blue schools playing in New Richland tonight - the NRHEG Panthers and Mayer Lutheran Crusaders.

Panthers down 23-0 at the half. They can get the offense going though.  Sam Prigge hitting  Perry Peterson in the flats... breaks a tackle... two, a third and a fourth... finally gang tackled along the sideline.

Next up, basically the same play,  Prigge swings it over to  Lucas Bailey... looks like he has some space... but ruled out of bounds back near the line of scrimmage. Panthers eventually turn it over on downs.

Mayer Lutheran takes over, and the Crusaders just run, run, run.  Mitch Johnson picking up a good chunk of yardage, well into Panther territory.

Then an end around to  Branden Carlson... the spin move... diving into the end zone for yet another score.
Mayer Lutheran ends up taking it 36-13 over the Panthers.