Waging tails and gleeful barks greeted visitors today at Kiwanis Recreation Area for the official grand opening and unveiling of two pet-friendly attractions. Brand new dog exercise courses invite pups and their pals to show off their talents, train to be the top dog, or to just have a little fun.

Lowe's of Mankato helped with the project, donating $2500 to help bring the two courses to life. Staff worked effortlessly perfecting different obstacles and elements for the dogs, and even found some time to build up some tables and benches for their human companions.

Mankato Parks and Forestry Superintendent Mark McQuillan is excited about the grand opening, knowing that more and more dog lovers will come and enjoy the open space. 

“I think it’s going to bring a lot of awareness for dog owners to come to the Kiwanis Recreation Area. We have over 60 areas of trails for them, sixty acres of trails for them to take their dogs out and walk them through the woods.” says McQuillan. He notes that the entire project has been in the works for the past two years.

A course for smaller dogs is located in the upper dog park at Kiwanis; larger breeds will get more benefit from the course in the area’s lower dog park. Either way, dogs of all shapes, sizes, and ages will surely enjoy sniffing out all the new challenges.

--- KEYC News 12.