Over in New Richland, the Panthers play host to the Waterville Elysian Morristown Buccaneers.

First quarter, no score, and the Panthers Sam Prigge airs it out deep down the field, Cole Staloch dives, and makes a sensational diving catch putting New Richland Hartland Ellendale Geneva into Buccaneer territory.

Later..running back  Perry Peterson caps off the drive, breaks a tackle picks up a great block and is in the endzone for the touchdown 6–0 Panthers.

But NRHEG isn't doing themselves any favors in this one, Staloch waves for fair catch and DROPS it!!! WEM recovers.

And on fourth down the Buccaneers score a beaut, Dallas McBroom drops back.....floats this ball into the back of the endzone... Tanner Ranslow with a juggling act....did he control it before going out....he sure did....smooth as can be making it 7–6 WEM....but the Panthers go on to win 30–22.

--KEYC News 12