From Section 2 to Section 3 - 4th seed Sleepy Eye St. Mary's hosting Russell - Tyler - Ruthton. Knights versus Knights. And the weather is a factor... turnover for RTR there on the fumble. 

Knights can't do anything and they punt it back. RTR goes to the ground again... wrapped up by  Brandon Wait for the big loss.

St. Mary's goes with three in the backfield, stacked one behind the other in the Maryland I. They're going to  Nathan Schroepfer. Behind all those blockers he crashes his way forward to pick up the first down.

Same formation down at the goal line.  Schroepfer takes the hand off... blasts through about five defenders, before he's finally stopped... but he crossed the plane first... Touchdown Knights of the St. Mary's kind.

Sleepy Eye St. Mary's takes the 33-12 win.

They head to Adrian for a one o'clock game on Saturday.