It's gone through several name and location changes, but one thing hasn't changed since the company, now known as Snell Motors, was founded in 1974, is its commitment to community.
In partnership with Connect Business Magazine, Lisa Cownie shows us how people have always been the driving force behind the dealership's success.
 Today, Snell Motors is located at the corner of Highway 22 and Madison Avenue, at one time Menards called this spot home, Snell moved in in 2003.
Todd Snell says, "Like a lot of things in life, when we moved up here we hoped it was a good decision. We knew we needed to be near the River Hills Mall, what we didn't know was that every farmer knew where that Menards was; things took off like I couldn't believe!"

Over the years, the dealership has survived the loss of products lines, downturns in the economy, adversity Snell says, only makes his team perform better.

Todd Snell says, "I've got a staff bar none that is best in the business. How I know that is I'm doing more things out of this area. I've got a staff that runs the store way better than I ever did."

One of those team members, is Melissa Bradley...his CFO
Bradley says, "But I do several items that are outside the box of that particular title."

It's her work at Snell Motors that recently earned her CFO of the year honors by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, she and an entire Mankato delegation will be in St. Paul to accept the award later this week.

Over the years Snell Motors has evolved...and Bradley is now responsible for overseeing each department of the dealership, recently completing the rigorous NADA Dealer Academy in Washington D.C.

Snell Motors is a driving force in the community in other ways as well, Todd and his staff are actively involved in the United Way and the YMCA just to name a few.

Melissa says, "Todd empowers us to take time out of the day to go and do nonprofit things."