In our KEYC News 12 - Connect Business Magazine Hometown Business Connection we feature a firm that has been an integral part of the region's growth over the last decade, literally helping area businesses grow from the ground up. Lisa Cownie introduces us to Brunton Architects.

It was in 2007 local architect Corey Brunton, with the help of his wife, decided to go out on his own.

Corey Brunton says, "I started actually in my basement for the first month, I couldn't take much more of that." The firm grew quickly, headquartered along Belgrade Avenue in lower North Mankato. Brunton also has an office in Minnetonka and services projects in five states. He says it is his affinity for design...both Inside and out...that make his firm unique.

Brunton says, "We want to blur the lines between interior design and architecture, if we do it right that will be successful."
You can see Brunton's work all over Mankato and North Mankato...growing businesses here has helped him reach into other communities as well...

Brunton says, "Our projects continue to get larger in size which is really exciting. [Not] just [our] smaller projects. In Albertville we are working on the Mall of Entertainment, a 60 million dollar project. It should help Brunton get our name on the map." Brunton strives to build up the community in other ways as well.

Brunton says, "I'm a volunteer fireman. Wonderful people, a lot of time is spent there outside of fighting raising, ongoing training. They do a number of things without getting paid. It's a neat family aw have there." Brunton is also on the planning and zoning board for North Mankato.

For Hometown Business Connection, I'm Lisa Cownie.