In this week’s Hometown Business Connection we partner with Connect Business Magazine to bring you the story of C&S Supply.

C&S Supply, named for its founders Dan Corcoran and Wick Sherwood, has been a part of our community for nearly 60 years. Starting out as a farm fleet store in 1957, C&S Supply has evolved moving from its small shop on Front Street, to this location on Riverfront Drive in 1963. Growing, yet keeping its roots.

Corey Kapaun, C&S Power Equipment manager, says, "We've been around a long time and we keep it fairly simple with farm, home and commercial. One other thing that people don't realize sometimes is that our clothing department is a big part of what we do for business, nursing uniforms and work wear [for example.] The average person that works realizes that, but some people come in here and are surprised by how much clothing is available in our store.” Kapaun has been with C&S for 25 years.

David Page, general manager, has been with the company for 35 years. Both men were there when the store became employee owned in 2007.

David Page, General Manager, says, "Dan decided to give everyone a chance to participate in the business." And keeping it local has paid off, allowing C&S to stay strong as other big retailers move into the market.

Customer and employee-retention has been a priority. Corey says, "All the decisions are made here, we are on the floor every single day, we might be managers, but we're buying stuff, we're helping the customers and we're ordering stuff on the phone. I think that they [the customers] have the ability to ask a question and have it answered right away where some of the other stores [the customers] are not able to do that."

Page says their business plan is simple. David says, "We've got very good customer service that brings people back to the store. Not too many places have that in town. We make sure our employees know customer service is number one." Also important to C&S is giving back to this community. Through donations to various community organizations, taking care of this place, the employee owners call home.

For Hometown Business Connection, I'm Lisa Cownie.