For most students, going to the principal's office can be a scary thing...

But at Waterville Elementary, it's something they look forward to.

"Mr. Stowe whenever you're down he can cheer you up when you're sad," Third Grade Student, Alenke said.

"He always greets you in the morning and he helps you with situations," Fourth Grade Student, Aliyah Taylor said.

"Learning is a joyful process. I want students to come into the day with a huge smile and to come running through the doors and I want them to feel that way throughout the entire day," Principal, Tim Stowe said.

That involvement and care for the kids goes beyond regular school hours.

"He comes to all of concerts and stuff," Fourth Grade Student, Keegan Kuball said.

"Our academics are a big part of what we do but there's so much more that make up our kids than just the ABC's 123's; I really want them to succeed in everything that they're doing so it's important to me that I'm a part of that and they see that I really do care," Stowe said.

One way Principal Stowe uses his creativity is with the Positive behavior intervention support program.

It ends their month with an assembly to award kids for their achievements and positive behaviors.

"Our PBIS program has been a really key to re–teaching behaviors. I think that every kid needs five positives to every negative and some kids," Stowe said.

His passion for what he does... earned Mr. Stowe the Golden Apple Award.

"It's quite surreal. This is it. This is our school and something that I love and so being a little blindsided like this is pretty amazing it's an unreal feeling," Stowe said.

--KEYC News 12