Donations are pouring in to help rebuild the Tink Larson Field Grandstand destroyed by a fire last April.

The Larson Field Campaign Committee has recently received a $100,000 donation from the Minnesota Twins.

The Waseca VFW is also lending a hand with a $25,000 donation toward the cause.

Just within the last month, nearly $240,000 has been raised toward the nearly $1.8 million campaign goal.

Nearly 230 donors have contributed to the current funds raised at just over one million dollars.

Now, thanks to the Waseca City Council things can get moving with the construction documents.

"We need to continue to raise funds to complete all of the amenities we would like to see in the proposed project," said Duane Rathmann of the Field Rebuild Committee. "Right now we just have enough where we are at a stage to go ahead. Certainly we have a couple of months ahead of us to raise additional funds and we are in the process of talking to a lot of potential donors, and we really feel good about what we've been hearing so far, and I think we can get to that point in a couple months, so that we can build a stadium that we wanted to."

"We are hoping that we can get a grandstand back that the people are going to enjoy, and that we'll be proud of and that they can enjoy all the memories and all the ball games that the previous generations have enjoyed so the future generations can enjoy," said Tink Larson  of the Field Rebuild Committee.

The campaign continues to receive an outpouring of support on social media and has even received a little help from the Minnesota Twins donating the netting for behind home plate and even some sod from Target Field.

The campaign hopes to break ground in August for the new grandstands.