We have an idea for a New Year's Resolution you should stick to, making appointments to get preventive screenings done. In this Thrive segment, KEYC News 12's Lisa Cownie breaks down what preventive measures are out there and when we should get them done.
Just because you don't feel sick, doesn't mean you shouldn't go to a doctor.
Dr. Andrea Pollema says, "If you can catch something sooner a lot of times treatment is easier and more effective than if it's later." Dr. Pollema says in general and after consulting with your doctor, colorectal cancer screenings start at age 50, cervical cancer screenings in women at age 21, mammograms at 40 or 45 and prostate exams around 50.

She says many people may not have them done because they don't feel like anything is wrong, but she says regular checkups are key to warding off complications in the future. Dr. Pollema says, "There are things we'd detect before you even had any symptoms, so we always want to remind people to have them checked out before they become a problem."