They started in rented space in a gas station along Madison Avenue 38 years ago. They've moved and grown since then, and they remain a driving force in our community. In Partnership with Connect Business Magazine, KEYC News 12 brings you the story of Austin's Auto Repair.
Lynn and Darla Austin have many passions. Their business. Lynn Austin says, "I still work on the cars! That's what I really enjoy. I found out a long time ago if I went and got schooling and learned everything, I could always help customers better." Family is at the heart of their business on Commerce Drive in North Mankato, even their official greeter Isabella. Darla says, "Guys have been here a long time, you really do become like family, my son in law works here, our son does the books, daughter is a teacher but comes in the summer."

Another passion: Their Peruvian Horses. Darla says, "We started out with two ponies for the kids and that grew and grew and so now we own 9 Peruvian horses we show them and train them." And their community. Lynn says, "We work very diligently at the BMX track, we help take care of the church and help with the snow removal every winter."

A part of the community for 38 years, Austin's Auto Repair.