People with asthma deal with symptoms like wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and coughing..

Affecting their daily activities and activities that are enjoyed.

"Someone who has asthma may not wish to go outside a lot because outdoor exposure can worsen their asthma and they may not exercise because exercise makes their respiratory system worse," Mankato Clinic Allergist, Srinivasan Ramanuja said.

Impacting their quality of life and even their sleep.

"It can cause them to wake up at night with those typical respiratory symptoms need the use of the inhaler in the middle of the night and with sleep disruption they may not be as functional the next day," Ramanuja said.

Most people with exercise induced asthma that see symptoms typically within 10 to 15 minutes of starting exercise are prescribed an inhaler.

"We can recommend using an inhaler, typically albuterol, 15–10 minutes before exercise and a lot of people are able to exercise when using albuterol preventatively like that," Ramanuja said.

But when inhalers don't completely control symptoms, the next option is using a controller medicine.

"One form of a controller medication is a tablet which is not a steroid another form of a controller is a steroid inhaler and depending on the severity of the asthma according to guidelines there are certain medications for those depending on their severity," Ramanuja said.

And although these help reduce symptoms, controlling the environment is an important factor.

"Recognizing the triggers, keeping dust to a minimal is helpful if they notice that their symptoms get worse with pet exposure at the very least we recommend keeping pets out of the bedroom and using an air purifier with a high particular air filter in the bedroom, changing air filters on a regular basis is helpful too. If they have significant outdoor allergies that trigger their asthma we recommend keeping the windows closed in the house and in the car as much as possible," Ramanuja said.

And while some just choose to cope with having asthma rather than feeling there's a way to control it, it can result in emergency room visits, hospitalizations or even death.

--KEYC News 12