If you're struggling with binge eating, you're not alone.

"As somebody with a binge eating disorder you don't have that signal or you've lost that signal that tells you you should stop eating,” says participant James Levandowski.

An ongoing battle that isn't cured overnight.

"Binge eating is a disorder where people feel that they eat much more than the average person in a limited amount of time and they have a lot of shame and guilt following that period,” says psychologist Darcie Jacobs.

After struggling with food choices day in and day out...James heard about a program and decided to give it a shot.

"They made us identify our triggers what sets us off. For me it was television or just boredom,” says James.

The ten week Am I Hungry Program offered at the Mankato Clinic was developed by a physician and therapist in Arizona.

"The group format is great because it gives them a chance to meet with others who have struggled with overeating emotional eating or binge eating because it is a very isolating thing to deal with in your life so we talk a lot about mindfulness we don't tell people what to eat this is not a diet program,” says Jacobs.

"It helped me control my urges to eat and redirect my energies using distraction tools and kits such as a book or puzzle anything where my hands were busy,” says James.

James feels he has grasped a hold on his disorder after completing the Am I Hungry program.

“I've lost over 180 pounds. I still have my slip ups but I still have a support network that I can lean on to help me out and that means a lot to me."

"People let us know that their binge eating is down, their depression is down, anxiety rates are lowered,” says James. “So the program definitely has good efficacy.”

For more information on this program and other tips visit KEYC.com/thrive.