It's hard to escape the effects of the cold, dry, Minnesota winters.

But preventative steps to minimize dry skin can be used to keep it under control.

"People enjoy taking their long hot showers. Shortening the showers to under ten minutes and turn the heat down to Luke warm," Dermatologist, Dr. Paul Bandelin said.

Moisturizing afterward with a thick bland fragrance free lotion.

"Often times people will come in and say they can't control their dry skin but they're really just not moisturizing enough or they're not using the right products, they're using a fragrance and they're actually developing an irritant or an allergic contact dermatitis on top of just their dry skin," Bandelin said.

When skin is dry, oil glands go into overdrive to compensate for the dryness and that can lead to breakouts.

"For your face, some people with have issues with acne and thicker moisturizers so you might want to consider using a separate product for you face for moisturizing that is no comedogenic and a lot of products that you use on your body will say non–comedogenic on it," Bandelin said.

Many deal with severe dry hands in the winter and find it hard to keep up with moisturizing throughout the day. Dr. Bandelin says applying Vaseline at bedtime and then wearing cotton gloves can help with that.

Another tip is adding a humidifier, keeping the humidity between 30 and 50 percent.

"Wearing a lose a fabric that breathes like cotton next to your skin and then if you're wearing polyester wool put that over that," Bandelin said.

But on top of dry skin, many struggle with chapped lips.

"I always recommend using just Vaseline or petroleum jelly get one of those little jars and just apply multiple times throughout the day probably better than some of the lip products that have flavor and fragrance in it," Bandelin said.

--KEYC News 12