Getting kids excited about learning can be tricky.

This month's Good People recipients make learning fun.

Terry Salerno and Jim Rife are both professors of Biochemistry at MSU.

But besides caring for their own students, they've shared their passion for science with area second graders for 15 years.

Terry Salerno says, "It's important to encourage young people to be in science."

But this isn't your typical science lab.

You see when kids come here, they get to be detectives, artists, creative, and they even get to interact with the college students.

Jim Rife says, "It's fun seeing the response of the children."

Inviting the second graders is just one of the many examples of the volunteerism Terry and Jim have shown in the community, helping them to earn the Good People award while inspiring others.

Jim says, "We are born with a sense of curiosity,

that's science, and we try to keep the curiosity going or with the older ones seeing the light bulb go on."

As the light of knowledge shines brightly in area kids from a young age on up.

Terry Salerno and Jim Rife.

KEYC News 12 Good People award recipients.

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