Resilience.. Mastering life's challenges by adapting regrouping and moving on.
 "What happens, how it impacts you and how did you get this far. Become stronger, bend do not break and make the best out of a bad situation," Psychiatrist Dr. Robert Olson said.
 Doing so in many different ways by changing your attitude toward things.
 "If we think positive then that impacts our mood in a favorable way and our behavior in a favorable way. Face the challenges or the fear. Practice our faith doesn't matter what the faith is that can help us get through some tough times," Dr. Olson said.
 Cognitive exercises like playing video games, playing on your smart phone, board games and crosswords are a few examples to help keep your mind focused on something else.
It all boils down to staying determined, not giving up and using motivation.
"In sports we see this happen quite a bit. In the most recent super bowl patriots miracle comeback. They were down 28 to 3 they came back and won the game against considerable odds. Exercise.. exercise really helps us function overall," Olson said.
 While realizing not everything is perfect and there will be bad days but to continue to look at meaning purpose and try to grow from stress or trauma.
 "It's a fascinating area that I've become quite enamored with over the past  year. I could have one patient have ten significant stressors and be doing quite well with it I could have one person have what might come across as a very minor stressor and really be struggling," Olson said.