Although cardiovascular training is important.. often times women push weight resistance training off to the side.
"I think people find cardio training easier because it's more natural," Personal Trainer, Dawn Naples said.
While strength training is beneficial for women, many women have a fair factor.
 "Fair that I'm going to get big, fair that I'm not welcomed in the gym or do I belong in a gym," Naples said.
One runner enthusiast started her journey with weight resistance training 10 years ago...
 "Coming out of that back surgery, I was told through that surgeon that I'd probably need to eliminate running, find a different form of exercising and always make sure that your core is strong to help support your back," Mankato Clinic Provider Services, Linda Annis said.
 That's when she took to Dawn for some classes..
 "The training Dawn provides gives you a real opportunity to strengthen your core in a lot of different ways. It's never a boring process, she makes it fun," Annis said.
 Adding that weight resistance training affects your ability to burn more calories.
 "When you are doing cardiovascular you are burning calories. Ultimately, you are burning fat but when you weight resistance train you are increasing your overall muscle mass. That's  going to affect your ability to burn calories as you sit and just live your life," Naples said.
 And for success?
 "I would definitely think about joining a group or finding a friend. You are going to be far more successful if you make a commitment to somebody else. The other thing is pick a place that you feel invited into that you feel comfortable going to and pack a bag," Naples said.
 "I don't do well trying to do a workout on my own. I don't push myself very hard. I know if I go in with a group I'll work harder and it's still fun to be around colleagues and friends," Annis said.
--KEYC News 12