In Hometown Business Connection, a locally-owned business that's been helping our community look good since 1904. Y barbers, getting its name because it was originally housed in the basement of Mankato's old YMCA at the corner of 2nd and Cherry streets, has thrived for more than a century in Mankato. It is now located on Belgrade Avenue in lower North. Owner Ellen Koenigs says it feels like they are finally home.
"The atmosphere. Being on Belgrade Avenue and being a part of a neighborhood and small community. It's fun to get to know people here," Koenigs said. 
Ellen grew up around the barber shop, her dad Bernie took ownership in the late 60s.

"I actually went to barber school right or of high school. The idea was it was a way to pay my way through college. I started in 1988 and to MSU for five years," Koenigs said. 

More than just a barbershop, though, it now encompasses an Eco-salon known as Onatah. And offers another unique service for the
"We do wigs for chemo patients. We have a wonderful repertoire with the hospitals and clinics here dealing with patients undergoing Chemotherapy," Koenigs said. 
An active member of Business on Belgrade, Y Barbers is committed to its new home.