Often times the importance of nutrition for fueling the body when exercising can be overlooked.
 "Those early morning workout people I think sometimes they think if I don't eat then I'm going to lose weight but nutrition is the corner stone for energy and carbohydrates are the body's main source of fuel," Mankato Clinic Registered Dietitian, Erin Gonzalez said.
 Eating 1-3 hours before a workout fuels the body to have energy throughout the entire workout.
 "Carbohydrates are key. Sometimes we fear those carbohydrates but they body needs them in order to burn in order to get the body that it needs to get through that workout," Gonzalez said.
 The intensity of the workout can determine how much you should eat.
 "We don't want to have a full body because digestion takes a lot of energy too and so eating something small for example a banana and peanut butter or half of a peanut butter sandwich, something that would have a carbohydrate and a protein combined. It could also look like maybe a half of a protein bar just enough for us to get it fueled for our body to work for us," Gonzalez said.
 And nutrition after working out is just as important.
 "After workouts we really want to eat within twenty minutes. The purpose of eating is to restore those nutrients that have been taken away through exercise so that's both within the muscles and we need carbohydrates to restore that fuel that's been taken out during exercise," Gonzalez said.
 Exercising breaks down our muscles. Protein is essential for healing and restoring.
"so making sure that were eating protein throughout the whole day sometimes what people do is they only eat protein at kind of their main meal and we really want to get that consistent throughout the whole day and again it comes back to carbohydrates. Carbohydrates also fuel that and when we are burning those muscles then the body is depleting our stores of sugar and we need to replace that," Gonzalez said.

--KEYC News 12