The men's health forum is designed to reach an audience that doesn't necessarily pay as close attention to their health.
"I think men pay less attention to aches, pains, maladies, they have a whole lot less concern of health maintenance and it's like if it's not broke no need to fix it sort of thing and that's just the mentality," Mankato Clinic Physician, Robert Gazzola said.

Every year the health forum focuses in on one health issue..
This year being prostate cancer.
"Prostate cancer is one of those things that by the time you have symptoms yeah you know what you might be sometimes a little behind the 8 ball. Men as they get older prostate glands grow and so as those prostate glands grow you tend to have a little more difficulty getting your urine going, or you're peeing more frequently or you're up one or two or three times a night to pee," Gazzola said.
All those things can be signs that something's not right with your prostate.
"Cancer,or more often just benign growth in that prostate. Sometimes your feel a little pelvic pressure, super pubic pressure that sort of thing so those would be the most common symptoms," Gazzola said.
And as it progresses it can spread.
"The longer you wait to identify some ailments, maladies, diseases, cancer, the harder they are to treat and the more negative impact they might have on your life," Gazzola said.
Which is why it is important for men to have the screening.
"It's simple, it's quick, it's short you know why not at least have that sort of reassurance that your health is good or when i identify when something's not right, whether it be prostate cancer or something else you can also spin that in the positive, at least you've identified it and now able to treat it versus letting it brew for another year or two or five or ten until it's been identified," Gazzola said.
The 2017 Men's Health Forum will be held on Tuesday, April 11th at the Country Inn and Suites in Mankato beginning at 4:30pm.

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