Members of the Mankato Islamic Center were shocked when they arrived at their mosque Friday. Now they're looking for answers.
Fridays are especially important for the Muslim religion, but when members arrived at the Mankato Islamic Center, they couldn't get in.
"Actually we just pray here today, outside," member Abdinasir Elmi said.
A person familiar with the situation tells KEYC News 12, last Friday after prayers, some members of the Islamic Center argued with three of the men who are part of the leadership. The argument was over how the three men were handling management of the Islamic Center and their treatment of members.
"We are all a family, we are all one community, and sometimes yes misunderstandings can happen but I hope it's going to be fine, everything soon," Elmi said.
Since last Friday... the center has been closed and locks changed. A source tells us a teacher and the director of the Islamic Center were fired.
"The Somali Community gathered money to buy this building so there's two people who are controlling them and they say you can't come to the Mosque and they send their letters from the lawyers, so up till now you see they're closed and nobody can pray here Friday," Somali Community Chairman Hussein Jama said.
As members showed up for prayers, police from Minneapolis were hired to keep them out of the building.
"Locking this place, that has no meaning. It's not a property they bought it, it's what we contributed as a community. He pays, he pays, I pay, everybody pays and we paid it off. This is us, its ours," member Abshir Qanyare said.
Members who were at the center Friday, say they want to speak with Board Members and figure out a solution.

--KEYC News 12