Scott Adams says, "I think this is probably a once in a lifetime case."
On May 30, 1980 a body was discovered in a ravine off I-90 east of Blue Earth. But for 35 years no one knew who she was.
Mike Gormley says, "People took a vested interest in Jane Doe because at the time when it happened it was very frightening. There was a person found murdered and just the uneasiness that goes along with it."
Someone else who took a vested interest was Colorado Author Silvia Pettem.
Pettem says, "What I'm trying to get across to my audience is that I've written this book for families and for people who work with families of missing persons
and I want them to be proactive for their missing persons."
Through her connection with investigators on cold cases, Pettem learned about the Faribault County case.
Pettem says, "I saw the case and I don't want families to ever give up hope."
She's now hoping that by using the Faribault County Case, others won't give up hope.
Pettem says, "In cold cases there are two things working in their favor. One is changes in technology and the other is changes in relationships. Changes in technology have to do with DNA. Changes in relationships are how maybe an ex-girlfriend who may suddenly come forward with some new information they didn't feel comfortable 20 or 30 years ago."
Giving hope to those who have lived every parent's worst nightmare.
Her book, called the Long Term missing, can be found on Amazon.

--KEYC News 12