A half–million dollar grant from the Department of Human Services is used to develop and implement Blue Earth County's jail diversion project.

The Yellow Line Project provides options other than incarceration for people with mental or chemical health issues who pose no risk to the public.

The project is moving out of the pilot stage into operating 24–7.

The grant is for the full year, but they're only receiving it now after working out details for how it's used.

Blue Earth County Human Services Director Phil Claussen said, "Only requirement they want us to have is that it's replicable to other communities. Obviously, each community has some quickness in how their set up but the basic tenants of what we're shooting for needs to really apply to beyond just Blue Earth County."

The program has been largely developed from scratch, collaborating with Mankato Public Safety, Sheriff's Department, Human Services, private service providers and other departments.

--KEYC News 12