Sculptures began lining the streets, marking their spot on May 13.

Director of City Center Partnership, Megan Flanagan says. "These sculptures have come from artists all over the country and actually into Canada. We have quite a few local artists so we have many Minnesota based artists who are represented on the tour but we also do have art from all around the continent."

The sculpture tour takes you from the city center in Mankato across the bridge to the city center in North Mankato, giving you a nice opportunity for a walk to view the art and city.

Flanagan says. "We encourage people to walk to the sculpture tour. It's a great opportunity to get up close to the sculptures and see some of the details. On a beautiful day it's just a nice way to spend the time."

A well-rounded wellness initiative to incorporate the arts.

Flanagan says, "Research has shown that exposure to art, exposure to music, exposure to visual arts all sorts of arts is great for our wellness. It's great for our emotional well–being, it's great for our spiritual well–being."

The sculptures will be up until April 7 2018.

--KEYC News 12