The Children's Museum of Southern Minnesota has a temporary exhibit space where they have the ability to rotate exhibits every 3–4 months.

Development Director, Laura Stevens says, "Our museum is in a special kind of place where we are able to build our own exhibits most of the time we have staff here that are great, they're hardworking and creative and they come up with these really phenomenal exhibits for kids to try out."

And staff is excited for the new sensory color exhibit that will be ready for kids on Tuesday, June 13th.

Stevens says, "It's going to be a sensory exploration of exploring color so it'll start out white and then kids will add color to the exhibit. So it will be over in the space we're going to be having water play eventually and it'll be sensory."

Where children can explore all of their different senses, while be creative and interactive.

Stevens says, "We think that's very important and art is very important at our museum. We try to have different kinds of art throughout it because we think that adds to their learning, just their general experience in the museum. So I'm just excited to see I think kids are really open and creative and I'm really excited to see what they can bring."

--KEYC News 12