The Junker family owned a popular restaurant in North Mankato before closing its doors in 2008.

But now, the famous Junker Dunker is making a return.

McKenna and Tealy Krosch were only seven and five years old when the Junker’s restaurant closed in May of 2008.

Marta Krosch says, “My grandpa, my dad started the restaurant and then it was my sister and then myself and now I have me and my two girls. Family is everything.”

Having her girls take part in the restaurant business is just one of the many reasons why Marta decided to bring back Junker’s prized recipe: the Junker Dunker.

Marta says, “It’s a patty melt like everyone can make, but it’s the au jus sauce that makes the difference.”

A difference that has been worth the nearly 10 year wait.

Marta says, “People come up and ask if we’re gonna open another restaurant, and we decided we would go this route, we’re having fun.”

The Junker Dunker can be found out of this food truck every Monday at the North Mankato Farmer’s Market located at the top of Lee Boulevard at Messiah Church parking lot from 3:30-6;30.

Marta says, “Same recipe as before, my dad Rick showed me the ropes.”

The stand is called Mack and T’s. 

Mack for McKenna and T’s for Tealy.

Keeping it all in the family.

-KEYC News 12