Kids all over the Midwest traveled to Spring Lake Park to compete in an annual triathlon.

Rip Roar found its way to North Mankato for the third straight year.

Kids ages 6–to–15 competed in a battle of endurance, as swimming, biking, and running were all included.

And one 13–year–old has started to make a name for himself, winning his race by more than five minutes.

Carter Smith said I want to get, I want to get collegiate. Like Z3 has like some teammates that I train with that are like collegiate triathletes. I just want to do that and then yeah, get to the Olympics, yeah.

A very special moment occurred when the final athlete was near the end, as the rest of the kids began running with her to help cheer her onto the finish line.

Although she became the last to cross, she ended up winning 1st place based on her age.

Yet, she says her favorite part of the race was riding the bikes.

Aubree Miller said I came up there and then I stopped and then I turned back around and then I had to go back around and over it.

This is the first stop on Rip Roar kid's triathlon series this summer as they head to the quad cities in Iowa next weekend.

Yet, North Mankato continues to be a venue that impresses those involved.

Michael Zimmerman said just a phenomenal community to work with, everything from the public works, and the police, to the city officials. They are so great about kind of rolling out the red carpet for us so to speak, making sure that we have everything we need to make a successful race.

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