Kimberly Kroubetz of Kroubetz Lakeside Campers in Lake Crystal... says she still has pinch yourself moments...
Kroubetz says, "We had the opportunity to buy some land here along the highway and we started with 12 campers in the beginning and somehow it exploded into two or three hundred! It's just been a fun ride."
She took passion and background in camping with her family and turned it into a growing RV dealership...with plan to expand in Lake Crystal and just opened a lot in Walker, Minnesota. But Kroubetz admits, she didn't do it alone.
Kroubetz says, "Your customers allow you to be here or not. Period and end of story.  You need their support and their business, they are going to give it to you if and when you take care of them. Not only when you are getting their money, but after you have their money. Service after the sale it what makes or breaks...not just RV dealers, but any business so, we've just hammered that and focused on it."
She also strives to take care of her growing number of employees.
Kroubetz says, "We have employees that don't have ownership in the business but they treat our customers like they do and they treat each other well. And whenever we get a hiccup we go back and focus on that and customers and then everything falls into place."
Her last word of advice? Do what you love.
Kroubetz says  "Have fun! If you can't have fun at what you are doing, pick a different career!"
---KEYC News 12