Reports of carp washing ashore at one area lake have residents concerned.

For over a week, carp have been seen floating on the surface of Lake Elysian.

Whether it's along the shoreline or in the middle, these dead fish have quickly multiplied.

Both the DNR and the Waterville fisheries are trying to find the cause of this sudden death in the species, but haven't been able to determine anything yet.

Southern Regional Fisheries Manager Jack Lauer said we estimated over thousands, into the thousands of carp and they are ranging between say 4 to 9 pounds. Our staff are collecting samples to send to the lab and the key is, is they have to be live or freshly dying in order for virus or bacteria to still be alive on the fish, for a lab results to be positive or get some results.

However, residents at the lake aren't feeling like help is on the way.

In fact, those working and even visiting Shady Shores campground have taken it unto themselves to clean the lake.

They say since it all began, they've scooped up 50 to 75 fish twice a day.

Tony Trostem said I mean this is, I mean been going on for well almost two weeks now and nobody has done anything or contacted us, or let us know what the reasoning is, why they're dying.

With it being spawning season, Lauer believes the cause may be a bacteria or virus, since these animals are more susceptible while they're reproducing.

However he adds that whatever is killing these animals shouldn't affect other species or people.

Yet, the effect of seeing and smelling this huge number of dead carp has taken a toll on holiday activities and business.

Sue Wollenburg said it's cutting down on the reservations here because people don't want to do it. They have kids, they want the kids to go out and enjoy it and you know there's nothing for them to do because they can't get in the water.

These fish are continuing to pop up and are being found at almost every point in the lake.

No timetable has been set, for when these conditions will improve.