In partnership with Connect Business Magazine, Lisa Cownie introduces us to the family behind Williams Diamond Center in Mankato.
 It's a store full of sparkle and elegance but if you look beyond all of that, you'll find the Johnson family
William Johnson says, "We just keep on doing what we're doing, open the doors and give the best customers service we can give them."

And that's been the reason for Williams Diamond Center's longevity in the market: customer service.

William says, "There is a lot of competition we've had a lot of national chains, big box stores come into the Mankato area but a lot have also left.  Key to our success is customer service, we truly care very knowledgeable, can really advise our customers to make the right choices."

William and his family have a passion for the industry, his son Jeremiah plays a big role now
Jeremiah Johnson says, "I started right after college and decided to take it a step further and got my gemological degree and now can do appraising."

They opened their first store in Mankato in 1985.  While the quality and customer service has not changed, other things in their industry have; particularly the consumer and technology.

Jeremiah Johnson says, "It can be a challenge because there are a lot of web sites out there, but don't always describe everything equally, so there can be misinformation between different sites, anywhere from pricing can get on internet for cheaper, but always good to come in and preview what you want to buy, sometimes buy off internet and it comes in and it's not what they want."

Local and family owned, Williams Diamond Center.