With all this advice coming from a variety of sources, it's inevitable that there are some myths in the mix.
 Mankato Clinic M.D Mark Taylor says, "The old thing about remember you're eating for two is still out there and pregnancy is not a license to pig out. But you do want to expand your calories a little so it's about 300 calories a day for a normal patient. There are different patients with different."
Adding that those extra calories should be healthy choices.
Dr. Taylor says, "You don't do that all with just pure carbs. Those should be good calories, common sense calories."
The concern with eating fish is mercury. Four fish you absolutely need to avoid includes shark, king macro, tile fish and sword fish.
Dr. Taylor says, "However fish is great. Fish is very healthy, it's got lots of nutrients that are very good for pregnancy so you can eat 2-3 servings of fish a week and be just fine."
Tuna is the most commonly eaten seafood. The two types are light tuna and albacore tuna.
Dr. Taylor says, "The light tuna has less mercury concentration. So you can eat 12 ounces of light tuna a week and 6 ounces of albacore."
The concern with deli meat is listeria because pregnant woman and the baby are most susceptible to a serious illness if infected by listeria.
Dr. Taylor says, "Listeria is primarily in uncooked meat or inappropriately cooked meat. Most of the time it's just fine. If you have subway you're going to be fine.
Caffeine is one of the highest debated topics on how much you should intake.
Dr. Taylor says, "Everything up to about 12 ounces of caffeine coffee a day."
Dr. Taylor says to keep in mind these are just rough guidelines.