This month’s Good People award winner has a vision for helping the blind.

For the past 17 years, Thomas Drake takes time out of his day to read news articles on the radio.

But his audience is one that you wouldn’t normally expect.

Drake says, “The target audience is within 50-70 miles of here and they have their own radios that have been given to them by the state services for the blind.”

Dr. Drake is a retired eye surgeon. Through this program that he volunteers with, he now spends his time, reading local articles to the blind.

Drake says, “I just want to give back to the community. I think that’s very important. It should be about the program not me.”

All the broadcasts are live. They make sure the blind can still know about current events, even though they can’t read a newspaper.

Drake says, “It’s important to give back more than you receive.”

The program is through the United Way and they are always looking for more volunteers to help read.

His vision for helping others is why Thomas Drake is a KEYC News 12 Good People Award Recipient.

-KEYC News 12