Every year thousands of adults in the U.S. become seriously ill and are hospitalized because of diseases that immunizations can help prevent.

Mankato Clinic Nurse Practitioner Susan Peller says, "It decreases the chance of getting it that's doing everything you can to promote your health and that's all you really can do."

Peller says one of the vaccines adults should be thinking about after turning 60 is zoster, which protects against the shingles.

Peller says, "Shingles can be very painful and can last a long time so that would be a very important thing to get."

If you can avoid getting sick, you will have more time for your family, friends and hobbies.

Or even save your life.

Peller says, "Pneumonia can be a life changing illness that they can have as in they may not survive it. There are two types of pneumonia vaccines and you would want to get both of them but they are a year apart and that's after the age of 65. Unless you have some other complicating medical conditions."

Peller says staying up to date with your tetanus and yearly flu shot are also important things to remember.

Peller says, "Talk to your primary care provider about what vaccines you need and make sure you have a conversation so you know what you need."

--KEYC News 12