For their dream wedding Tina and Rocky Crooks traded in their tux and veil for wizards, elf's and hobbits.

"We got into the movies and decided hey if we ever get married let's do a Lord of the Rings theme," Rocky Crooks says. 

The newlyweds spent the past two years planning their big day around the J.R.R. Tolkein fantasy novel, creating costumes and transforming their yard into the Shire.

"It had action It had romance It had everything a movie should have and we just kind of fell for it," he says. 

Nearly 100 guests will attend the ceremony dressed the part as well.

"We kind of wanted to do this for each other and have something special to remember. Every time we come out here, we'll remember," he says. 

The ceremony wasn't a two-person job.

The newly Mr. and Mrs. Crooks say their big day wouldn't have been made successful if it wasn't for the help of their friends and family.

"The fact that I get to work on a quasi–movie set, it's a fantastic movie set," Timothy Gerrety, a family friend says. 

A movie set brought to life years after watching the film trilogy for their very first date.

"That's the way we met and that's the way we're going to end up here," Crooks says. 

And after two years in the works their dream wedding is finally coming true.