College is nothing short of an enormous transition for young adults.

It's the first time away for many and while it comes with a lot of freedom, it also comes with a lot of stress.

Symptoms to be aware of to know if someone is suffering of depression may be changes in appetite, sleep, motivation, grades, and the amount of time an individual is spending with friends.

Crystal Dubbelde, MSW, LICSW says, "Another thing that may be a symptom of depression is alcohol or drug use. Not always, but can impact and certainly play into mood. I encourage them to talk to the person and if things aren't getting better then to seek some professional help."

You might be asking yourself "well how am I going to realize if my child is struggling with depression when they're thousands of miles away?"

Dubbelde says, "When they come over breaks or if they're not coming home then I would encourage parents to visit if they're able to do that. Check–in you don't have to do it every day but once a week, especially at the beginning to see how things are going are they getting to class, are they liking their classes, what are some of the challenges they might be facing and so I encourage parents to continue to stay connected."

Touring campuses and getting involved with not only groups the school offers but also the community can help make the transition to a new place easier.

Dubbelde says, "They have intramurals, sports, just gatherings I think it would be really important to get connected to meet some friends."

--KEYC News 12