Flu shots are important for everyone, especially for the very young and old and people with significant medical problems.

Mankato Clinic Medical Doctor Rich Peller says, "The true influenza when you get it will make you extremely sick. It kills upward of 30,000 people a year and that tend to be in those three groups."

Besides taking good care of yourself and practicing good hand washing skills, the flu shot is a big way to minimize your risk for it.

Peller says, "Most years its about 70–75 percent effective which means not effective for everybody but the people who get the shot even if they get flu tend to have a much milder season or flu problem."

Flu can happen anytime of the year, but right now is the best time to get your shot to prepare for the worst season.

Peller says, "October early November is the best time to get it because it takes 2–3 weeks for the immune system to kick in and make a good immune response and we want that good immune response to settle before the flu season typically kicks in which is typically December through march."

Staying home instead of trying to battle it out when you're sick is important in making sure you don't spread the virus.

Peller says, "The problem with influenza is you don't have to touch people if you're in the room and they're sick and coughing the influenza is drop and passed so if it's in the air and it's a small very, viral particle you can breathe that in very easily and one it's in your system you got to hope your immune system is ready for it."

--KEYC News 12